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Rosey Nguyen

Dr. Ip was very flexible for me to come in extremely last minute right after my consultation and was able to squeeze me in for my breast augmentation that accommodated my days off work schedule. During the first and second consult, he explained the sizes very clear and chose the perfect size for me. I am absolutely in love with my new breast and glad that he helped suggest a better size that compliments and fits my body perfectly. I have been getting compliments from everyone and will be recommending my friends! Thank you so much 🙂

Ashlee Reynolds

Dr. Ip and his staff were all so amazing and helpful. Dr. Ip is very professional and respectful. I felt very comfortable the whole time. The whole experience was really great. I highly recommended him!

Nomy Garcia

The best of the best! I went to 6 consultations before I met with Dr. Ip, and no one made me feel as confident as he did. He is absolutely excellent at what he does and I am beyond satisfied with my results!

Gaby Buscher

From our first appointment, I felt Dr. Ip and his staff were friendly, professional and accessable. Dr. Ip was recommended by a friend who was extremely happy with her procedure. After my visit and the surgery explained, things progressed quickly. Everything went as planned and my recovery is on tract to expectations. My results are phenomenal!

Ashley Cervantez

I have never experienced a such amazing people. Dr. Ip and his staff really listen to what I was interested in. This was my 2nd surgery and I couldn’t be happier. Everything went perfectly and my results are amazing. I highly recommend him. Thank you again Dr. T.Y Steven Ip.


I am currently 6 weeks post op BA and I love my results with Dr. Steven! I was recommended by a friend who had amazing results so I made a consultation and chose him as my doctor! His front desk is always so friendly and welcoming and he really does care for his patients. He made me feel comfortable before surgery and answered all my questions and informed me on what was to happen.His nurses also helped so much to relax when I was nervous. He gave me the exact size I was looking for and fullness I wanted.i would highly recommend T.Y Steven !

Megan Reese

What a great experience! From the moment I walked in until I left I felt so comfortable. The office was beautiful. Very clean and spacious. T.Y Steven was very professional and took the time to read over my paperwork before speaking with me. He made me feel like he truly cared about my needs and he explained everything in depth. I really liked how he had a lot of experience and knowledge of common questions and cosmetic mistakes. He made me feel very calm and actually excited about the procedure I wanted. He even emailed me after the appointment thanking me for coming in. I highly recommend this Surgeon and staff. They were beyond amazing and I wouldn’t go to anyone else but him.

Nicole Adamo

Dr.IP performed an augmentation and a lift on me. He is amazing. First of all, from day 1 of meeting him he made me feel comfortable and provided extensive information to make sure I was fully informed of EVERY single detail I needed to know.

This surgery and specifically having it done by this doctor were the best decisions I have ever made. He is THAT good.

I highly recommend him.


A friend referred me to Dr. Ip and I’m so happy these days. Don’t know why I waited so long to come here. I’d totally recommend all my ladies friends here.

Coco Loves Birds

Dr Ip is a fantastic surgeon. I had a tummy tuck and upper eyelid lift, and 3 weeks out, I am so happy with the results:) I feel vibrant, youthful, spunkier. It took me several years to choose a surgeon and commit. There is no doubt Dr. Ip was the right surgeon. Also, Megan of his staff treated me special, like family, even sending me thoughtful texts during my recovery.

Nancy Tran

I love him a lot. I went to his consultation for breast aug and decided to make appointment for surgery a week after, that’s how fast you know that I want it’s to be done. When I came to the consultation he went through with me all things I have been concern about. I went to 5 different consultations with different Doctor but I decided to go with him. I’m athletic person and it’s really important for me to get back on track asap. He provided me picture with patient who did the same thing I wanted to do and immediately I said lets do it next week. My boob is only 11 days but it’s heal so fast and full recovery

Jessika Wrabel

I am elated that I found Dr. Ip! To be fully honest I have harbored a odd feeling about “plastic” surgery. I have severe anxiety and could not imagine electing for a major procedure. I assumed that all procedures were surgery – NOPE! I have had discomfort with my side profile for quite sometime. The age of smart phones and social media alerted me to the fact that I had a very odd, extra skin/fat to the bottom of my chin only when smiling or being animated (which I am both, often). I would start to see pictures and would get so upset. I am a very petite woman and to me this chin REALLY stuck out (or down to be exact). This last year it really started to bother me, I noticed I was spending time worrying about it. I was not enjoying LIFE because I was holding my hand against my face when turning to speak to others in a social setting. I even stood on the non traditional side of the alter at my wedding b/c my left profile was worse. One day I went to a medi spa and inquired if injections could even out etc. They referred me to Dr. Ip. I was SO NERVOUS. The entire staff was so friendly, informative and competent. He brought me back with this huge HONEST smile and sat me in a chair with a mirror and said what don’t you like, I said my chin … he sort of looked at me oddly, so I said stand to my side and I attempted to smile as warmly and kindly as he did. OH! he says, “I see, that is so easy to fix, small incision, minor scar, I can do it in my office in 30 mins”. I actually CRIED! This lovely man made me feel so comfortable, he was so confident and ZERO cocky. I was able to get an appt the following week.Understanding my anxiety he spoke to me during the procedure. There was not one awkward pause. Next thing I know, he says “looking good, come back in 10 days.” That was it. Four days out the tape was looking gross and I did not feel I could go in public. I called the office and ON HIS DAY OFF he had me in and changed the tape to a tiny piece. I do not know if these keywords are resonating with readers – I am not an emotional or necessarily even a kind person. I ADORE Dr. Ip and Staff. I have the confidence now that I deserve and will no longer waste a MOMENT of living due to a minor chin issue that was remedied promptly and to be honest – amazingly in less than 2 weeks. THANK YOU Dr. Ip, you have no idea how much I appreciate the care and time you made for a small procedure patient like myself.

Kelly Densmore

I had a double breast aug (with a lift on one side) done six weeks ago and I COULD NOT be happier. From the initial consultation, to me moving my surgery up a month (impatience on my end) to the front office staff all the way to the procedure and post ops dr Ip has been professional and clearly rises amongst all plastic surgeons. Everyone who knows him simply knows he is the best. The pain was controlled, the size was what I wanted.. EXACTLY what I wanted and Dr Ip never left a question unanswered. When I pulled out my list of questions he said “is that all you got?”

He went above and beyond to treat me as a human.. as if I was the only person he was focusing on. He was early to my surgery and his expertise is unmatched…the incision looks like a scratch. I cannot tell you how many people I consulted and asked about the surgery before (worry wart). I could not have made a better decision and I would do it all over again tomorrow! THANK YOU DR IP and everyone at the front office. This was such a great experience because of each and every one of you!

Andreana Dura

Dr. Ip and his staff are so professional and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Ip truly is a wonderful plastic surgeon who knows exactly what he is doing. I am so happy with the results and best of all, he just improved on my imperfections and kept me looking very natural. I highly recommend him for any surgery needs, especially if your looking for someone who will make you feel very comfortable and if you want to be enhanced without looking like “you had work done”.

Jennifer Simms

Dr. Ip is an amazing doctor and is very professional. Along with his staff, the ladies in his office make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. Dr. Ip was very thorough when it came time to help me decide on what I wanted, and what would best suit my body. I’m so thrilled with the results! He did an amazing job on my procedure, with a very light hand he left me with no bruising and it felt like an easy surgery. Him and his office did a great job in following up after the surgery as well. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know!

– Jennifer Conway

Lisa Thayer

I recently had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr. Ip. I’m only 3 weeks out and I’m already beyond happy with the results and my overall experience. Being a mom I was so nervous and full of anxiety, I thought maybe I shouldn’t be doing this at all, but he took time to reassure me that everything would be fine. Dr. Ip makes you feel so comfortable, he is so sweet, takes his time with you, and is happy to answer any and all questions…and you get amazing results! The office staff is just as kind and caring as he is. There’s nowhere else I would let any of my family or friends go, he really is the best!!!

Sharon DeJong

I am so impressed with Dr Ip’s knowledge and kindness. He made me feel totally comfortable in my decision for surgery. I will recommend him whenever I can.

Gabrielle Gaydos

Dr. Steven IP is a dedicated and exceptional plastic surgeon that delivers superb results.
At the age of 29, I received my first breast augmentation which was severely botched. After 4 surgeries from 4 different considered amazing surgeons from Texas to California, each time left me with unhappy results. I was referred to Dr. IP, now my 5th surgeon and WOW finally he made them perfect and gave me back my confidence. If you want the best outcome look no further, he is truly a perfectionist!

Diana Daza

I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Ip on 12/30/15. I had been researching different Surgeons to go to, when I went to go see him for my first consultation he was very knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel very comfortable. He took time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explained the whole process to me. I immediately knew this was the right Surgeon for me. Dr. Ip and his staff are fantastic and very professional. Throughout the whole process I have received the best care. I am extremely happy with my results. He gave me exactly what I asked for! Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great surgeon.

Holly Elness

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Ip about 2 months ago. From beginning to end my experience was great. The doctor and his staff are all very nice and make you feel extremely comfortable. My results are beautiful, they are placed perfectly, are the perfect size for my body, and I am so happy that I had this surgery and so grateful I found Dr. Ip. I would definitely recommend him if you want a great result

Amanda Bradley

My experience with Dr. Ip exceeded my expectations. His professional advice paired perfectly with my desired results. I would recommend him to any member of my family or friends!

Anne Jurado

n February I got a breast augmentation from Dr.Ip and it definitely was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I choose Dr. Ip because of all his before and after pictures on his website and on yelp.I loved the way his after pics were. Dr. Ip and his staff were so great, and he answered any questions I had. I had such a good experience. Dr. Ip truly does amazing work. I would recommend him to any girl who wants to enhance their breasts! I am so happy with the results!!

Deseree Lona

Dr. Ip and his staff are the most incredible people you will ever meet from the very beginning. From the very first time I opened the door to his office, there have been nothing but great experiences. Dr. Ip and his staff are the most genuine, down to earth, and loving people I have ever met. I was completely satisfied with my experience and I would recommended to ANYONE. If you truly want the best Doctor out there, Dr. Ip is the one you HAVE to go to. Thank you Dr. Ip and staff for being the most amazing people ever! I promise that you will never leave his office unsatisfied.

Brittney Hernandez

Dr. Ip and his staff are the most wonderful people! They are so welcoming and always make my family and I feel so comfortable. My husband and I had met with several other surgeons but when we met Dr. Ip we knew right away he was the best choice for me. He acknowleged everything we had to say and explained everything very well. He is very caring of his work and he perfects it. I am 6 months post op and my results just keep getting better! After having 2 kids I finally have the confidence to wear the clothes I want to. If their is anything else I need in the future, I will definitely be seeing him again! I highly recommend Dr. Ip!

Debra Rohatsch

I live over 150 miles from Dr. Ip’s location. I have had multiple procedures performed by him. A trusted friend referred him to me originally. Even though we live so far away, he now has over 10 people (that I know of) from my city (which has MANY reputable, and respected Cosmetic Surgeons) that have travelled for at least one, if not multiple procedures. He consistently gives outstanding, compassionate, and professional care. He follows through post op with sincere concern and care. He is very approachable, and generous with his time, even though he has a busy practice. Dr. Ip is a genuine, kind, and incredibly gifted surgeon!!

Katie Mejia

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Ip and his office. I had been thinking about having breast augmentation done for almost six years. My husband and I always said we would do it after we had kids, however that has not happened for us. So for my thirtieth birthday we decided to go for it. We went to multiple consultations, seeing a few different doctors through yelp and by referral. My friend had breast augmentation done a few years ago with Dr. Ip and raved about her experience. After our first consultation with Dr. Ip I knew that there was no other doctor I wanted to do my procedure. He made me feel so comfortable and his goal was to make sure that no matter what we decided to do we left his office fully educated about the procedure and everything that goes along with, it as well as the history of breast implants. One thing that really stuck out to me, and yet was so simple. Every office you go to has you fill out an information and history packet. Before introductions Dr. Ip addressed my husband by his first name, something he would have only known by looking at my file before calling us back to his office. Something so small meant so much because it showed me he really pays attention to detail and genuinely cares about his patients. Everyone on Dr. Ip’s team goes above and beyond to ensure that you have the best experience you can possible have. I have had ten surgeries since 2007 and one was nearly fatal, so needless to say I went in to surgery with a fair amount of anxiety. Dr. Ip and his staff took time to talk to me and helped me be as relaxed as possible going in. I am a little over three months post op and am incredible happy with my results. I wanted to be proportioned and as natural as possible and Dr. Ip listened and gave me exactly what I wanted. I will always recommend Dr. Ip to anyone who is looking to have a procedure done. You will not regret it.

Tracy Ziemann

I first met Dr Ip nearly 11 years ago. He was one of 5 surgeons that I consulted with when I decided to have a tummy tuck. His price was not the highest, nor was it the lowest, but I left my consult with him feeling more educated and more confident in my decision than I had with any other Doctor. My surgery went great and I had no complications at all. I could not have been happier with my results!

I am now about 2 1/2 months post op from a breast lift and reduction. It never even crossed my mind to consult with another doctor. Every time I see Dr Ip I am impressed all over again. He takes all the time you need to answer your questions and put you at ease. He also has an incredible bedside manner.

The staff at the front desk are all very sweet. The whole office seems to genuinely care about all of the patients that they see. I have referred several people to Dr Ip and they have all been equally impressed with him and his abilities. If you’re considering a procedure, look no further than Dr Ip! You won’t find a better surgeon out there!

Amanda Tucker

Such a great doctor with a beautiful clean office in Newport Beach with happy smiling young ladies to greet you when you walk in. Dr.Ip has professional bed side manner he did an amazing job on my procedure, minimal scaring and flawless results.

Michelle Fan

I had a great experience with Dr. Ip. I went to a few other consults and chose Dr. Ip because of his knowledge and bedside manner. I looked for two things when finding the right surgeon: credentials and personality. His background speaks for itself and it was my first meeting that made me decide to move forward with Dr. Ip. He made me feel extremely comfortable and answered all questions from an unbiased perspective. He knew exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The entire experience from start to finish was positive. Each part of the process was very organized and his team ensured that everything would be seamless for me. His team is extremely friendly and responsible and helped answer any questions I had.

Jasmine Espiritu

I am currently almost 6 months post op and from the moment I walked into Dr. Ip’s office, I knew that he was the right doctor for my breast augmentation. His office is very classy and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. A couple of my friends recently got breast implants and highly recommended Dr. Ip. First off, he is very informative during the consultation and eased my worry and uncertainty about getting a breast augmentation. Prior to my surgery day, the anesthesiologist and OR nurse called me to explain the details about what to expect for surgery. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Ip came to my bedside and helped eased my nerves. I recovered very well and was able to go back to work in 8 days. I highly recommend and trust Dr. Ip because he does an exceptional job and wants your look to be as natural as possible.

Tina M.

If you are looking for one of the top plastic surgeons in Southern California, you have found him in Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip. Dr. Ip is an amazing, talented, skilled and experienced surgeon. He truly has it all, including a very helpful and courteous office staff. He is very kind, patient and compassionate with great bedside manners. He is meticulous about his surgeries and pays attention to details. I felt very comfortable the moment I walked into his office. After Dr. Ip explained the entire procedure and different choices to consider, I did not have to look any further and scheduled my surgery. The surgery was a great success and I
only had to take one pain pill the next day. I am very pleased with my results and would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Thank you, Dr. Ip, you are the best!

Jamie T.

I got my BA done with Dr. Ip and I couldn’t be happier. At first, I was worried if it wasn’t the right size but he reinsured me to wait patiently for the result. Now they are all settled and very natural looking. And they are perfectly proportional to my body! What I love the most about my experience with Dr. Ip is how professional his practice is and how much care he gives to all of his patients. Whenever I had a question or concern, he was literally just a call away. Thank you Dr. Ip!

Melissa Nguyen

I looooove my doctor! Dr. Ip is attentive, nice, caring, knowledgeable and thorough. When I first went with my gf for her consult, I was so against plastic surgery. But after meeting him, it opened up my mind for a consult. My first consult wasn’t what I expected. I felt rushed but then again, I was there with my gf for her consult. But meeting Dr. Ip and seeing how he treated me and my gf, I told myself to get my own consult. So I did. I’m 2 months post op and he’s been there for me every step of the way. I love my results and the experience I had. Many of my gfs went to him and I’ve referred all my friends. He actually truly cares for you and in his work. Definitely recommend him.

Sarah Gillick

Dr. Ip is an amazing surgeon. After reviewing many doctor’s before and after photos I couldn’t believe how much his stood out amongst the rest. Every photo posted is flawless. I also liked that he had a variety of body types, ethnicities, and implant sizes. To me that showed quality of work. In addition to the great quality of work, he has the best bedside manner’s. He is so kind, comforting, and intelligent. During my preop appointment I let him recommend and essentially choose the size implant for my body, and I love my results! I am 5’1″ and 115lbs and athletic. I wanted a size where I could still work out, be functional, and avoid looking heavy. He achieved just that! I chose textured implants to minimize the possibility for Capsular contracture. I couldn’t be happier with my results or with my implants. I have since recommended friends and family for face and breast surgeries. Dr. Ip is worth every penny.

Jennie Soler

I talked it over with my husband and several weeks later, I had a breast augmentation and breast lift plus a tummy tuck performed by Dr. Ip. The whole process was so smooth. I stayed overnight at their surgery center. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Dr. Ip was very clear about instructions and post-op care. I saw him every week for the frirst 6 weeks. He emphasized massaging the implants to keep them soft and allowing them to drop. At about 6 weeks, I really saw how beautiful I looked. My breast had great shape and my tummy was flat and smooth. I was really really happy. My husband was also thrilled about the results.

Wendy Webber

I found Dr. Ip for my daughter’s breast augmentation surgery 8 years ago and her results were beautiful and perfect. I felt it was finally my time to have the surgery and I went straight to Dr. Ip. He remembered my daughter and immediately put me at ease, knowing exactly what I wanted within just minutes after meeting with him. The entire process, from scheduling my appointments and surgery, to making the decisions about size and type of implant, was so simple and easy thanks to Dr. Ip and his staff. And for me, the financing made it all possible. I am now one month post surgery and every morning feels like Christmas! It’s the best gift I could ever give myself and my only regret is not having the surgery years ago! I can now find a bra to fit me and the beauty is I can even go braless! Before surgery I was too small to fit in a 34a and I am now happily a 34c, the perfect size for me. I look and feel so natural and I am amazed at how simple and organic the process was. Thank you Dr. Ip and staff!

Wendy Vu

I’m so fortunate to have found Dr. Ip through Healthgrades and Yelp. I was in search of a cosmetic surgeon for a second opinion after getting breast augmentation from a different surgeon.

Here’s my story, which is quite personal but I’m willing to share: 2 months after my breast augmentation I was having severe pain on my left breast and it became about 3 times bigger than the right one. The left beast was so massive that it rose nearly to my neck. I saw my surgeon immediately and he claimed that I had “capsular contracture” and should wait 6 months to decide if I want to have a capsulectomy, have the implants removed completely, or even do anything at all. I left in tears because in my heart, I just KNEW something was wrong and it definitely couldn’t wait 6 months or even 6 days. I called Dr. Ip’s office asking for a consultation on a capsulectomy. Megan, who I appreciate so much, asked me what type of pain I was having. I explained it was unbearable and that my arm was nearly numb. She was quickly concerned and FaceTimed me. She had me come to the office asap and that they would see me no matter how busy they were; no appointment had to be made. This is when I knew I was going to be in good hands. Dr. Ip examined the left breast and had so much empathy. He told me he didn’t think I have “capsular contracture” but whatever it is, he was going to make it all right again.

The surgery was pleasant and I was immediately out of pain when I woke up and guess what? He was right about the condition not being “capsular contracture.” I’m beyond thankful to have gone to get a second opinion.

The surgery center anesthesiologist and nurses were so welcoming and caring. As for Dr. Ip and his staff.. they are amazing! Megan is so warmhearted. Dr. Ip is incredibly talented, honest and comfortable to talk to. I would give them 5+ stars if I could! Thank you Dr. Ip, you truly saved me.

Ashley Hannon

I am 25 years old and I have breastfeed both of my children for 6 months each. I was definitely ready to get a breast augmentation and lift. I went to a lot of consultations with doctors in Los Angeles and San Diego to find the right doctor for me. They were very expensive and many of them were extremely rude. I look very young and they acted like they were better then me and I didn’t deserve their respect. I kept looking and I came across Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip online. His office was 15 minutes from my house and I delivered my son at the hospital he performs his surgeries at. I started researching him and I found nothing but five star reviews! Everyone mentioned how kind he was and how amazing his work is. The next morning I made an appointment and the moment I sat down with him I knew he was the doctor for me. He answered all of my questions and more. He told me things I honestly had no idea about and gave me many pamphlets to learn about my breast augmentation and lift. It has been four months since I had my breast augmentation and lift and I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Ip is AMAZING and I wish I could give him more then five stars! He is very professional, kind, informative, caring and just a really nice guy. He always asks how I am doing and remembers my family as well. His bedside manner is also incredible and he always makes me feel welcomed. I never have to wait longer then five minutes to start my appointment either. Whenever I am in for a check up he tells me exactly what is going on with my body and what to except so I won’t be worried. (bruising, swelling or scaring) The staff is super nice as well and is always trying to do whatever is best for ‘me. Not only is Dr. Ip awesome and caring but his work is flawless! I noticed in two months my breasts were already healed and a month later my scars we fading very quickly! Before my children I was a very small A. I now am a full C and I absolutely love them! His office is extremely clean and beautiful. I highly recommend you give Dr. Ip a call for a consultation and look through his portfolio. His work is incredible and so is he!


Melissa Locke

Dr. Ip is an exceptional plastic surgeon. He has done several surgeries on me and I could not be happier. He is an artist and his eye for detail is unmatched. I have referred family members and several friends and they adore dr. Ip and his work. His staff is outstanding. It is like family and I would never feel comfortable to have anyone else work on me.


I have been looking into getting breast augmentation for awhile. Me and my friend went to two consultation prior to Dr. Steven Ip and I can say it was definitely different. They weren’t as welcoming, wasn’t professional and definitely very pushy in the sense that they wanted us to do a deposit to secure our deal with them. Dr. Steven Ip was our third consultation and from the moment we walked into his office and the moment we step out of his office, he definitely sold us. Melissa was such a sweet heart, greeted us and wait was less then 5 mins. Dr. Steven Ip has such welcoming bed side manner and was very professional. He was very detailed, went over the different kinds of profile and definitely made sure that he answered all of our questions we had for him. When choosing a doctor for any cosmetic surgery I definitely want someone who I feel confident and comfortable with. Confident in the sense that I know he will do an amazing job on me and comfortable enough to allow him to operate on me. Dr. Steven Ip is a perfectionist and has a passion for his job, his work is amazing and he definitely shows that he cares about his patient. After my post-surgery I met with him the next day so he can check if there were any bruising, and every following weekend he met me at least once just to check up on me and my scarring. Most of my friends who got breast augmentation don’t even meet with their surgeon till 3-4 months later after their post-surgery. I am so happy with my results and definitely think I made the best decision choosing Dr. Steven Ip as my surgeon. Ladies, if your’re looking into getting breast augmentation done, I would highly recommended Dr. Steven Ip as your surgeon,you won’t regret.

Aida Med

Prior to meeting Dr. Ip I had consultations elsewhere however for some reason or another those doctors were not a good fit for me. You have to find a Doctor who makes you feel 100% comfortable and confident with the procedure you plan on having. When I first walked into Dr. Ip’s office for my consultation I knew I found the best place. Staff were friendly and he was incredible! I immediately felt comfortable and in my heart I knew I was going to have my procedure with him. He answered every question had and went into detail about my options as far as a breast augmentation. Before my surgery I hated my breasts. Having lost a lot of body fat over the years my breasts went from a natural DD to an extremely saggy C. Because they were saggy I needed and breast augmentation and lift and since my arriolas were larger than most I also had them reduced. Dr. Ip is amazing because his sizing techniques are different than most he takes measurements so that the breasts fit my body perfectly! I wanted to have perky DD’s and that is exactly what I have today. I have NEVER been so happy in my life! My breasts are perfect and my scars are minimal for being 3 months post surgery! I recommend every girl who is insecure about their breasts to choose him as your surgeon I don’t think I’ve ever made a better decision in my life! He is by far the best in the business! I’m so thankful to have found him and chose him to be my surgeon because it is a major procedure and it’s so important to find a Dr who is a skilled perfectionist and who cares about his patients as he does! I can’t emphasize enough how amazing his work is everyday I wake up and look at my breasts and am overwhelmed with happiness and confidence with my body. Even though I am a fitness competitor and no matter how good I look on stage without this procedure the confidence level was low. Now no matter if I’m on stage or not I’m so beyond happy with my body and the fact that I can wear anything without having to worry about a bra to wear with it is incredible!

Janet Peterson

When you choose a Plastic Surgeon, you are choosing someone who you are going to have a very unique relationship with. In my case, I was discussing some of my insecurities on things I wanted changed. I went to 8 different consultations within the Newport Beach area with other doctors prior to meeting Dr. Ip. The first thing that impressed me was that Dr. Ip did not make you wait for your appointment. This made a big impression, as I often had to wait up to an hour for other consultations. It immediately made me feel like I was a priority and that his office was well managed and professional. His office personnel are also very professional, organized and friendly.

When I met Dr. Ip, I instantly felt comfortable and he put me at ease. I had lost weight and I wanted to start the process of removing any hanging skin. We had a discussion about starting with a full facelift and remove hanging skin from my arms. Dr. Ip went over every detail of the surgery with me to ensure I understood exactly what he would be doing during the surgery. He went over the cost of the surgery with complete transparency, which was competitive with the other doctors’ fees. I was able to pay part of it in cash, and conveniently finance the rest through Care Credit, which is available through his office.

During the pre-op, he wrote out the prescriptions and the follow-up plan so I would be well-prepared in advance when I went home from surgery. It meant a lot that he was available to assuage any of my concerns and questions, including the logistics and after-surgery care I would need, so that I could focus on my recovery.

I had a full facelift in September of 2011. The night before the surgery, I had the typical fears that everyone has: “Will I wake up from surgery? What will I look like?” and etc. The surgery lasted 9 hours; I spent one night in the surgery center, and then went home early the next day. Dr. Ip said I would be more likely feel “uncomfortable”, than in a lot of pain, and he was right. I did not feel much pain, but I had to sleep propped up with several of pillows for a few weeks. I conveniently took only one week off from work. During my recovery, I sent Dr. Ip an e-mail one night to ask a question and expected that he would not respond until the next day (if even that), and he sent me back an e-mail that same evening! WOW!

I loved my results! It was everything he said it would be, and more. I still looked like myself, but refreshed, and the excess skin underneath my chin was gone! I was SO pleased. My peers were amazed at the results, as well, and could not believe how natural and young I looked. I had such an amazing experience with my facelift, that I had a tummy tuck/breast augmentation performed by Dr. Ip in September 2012. I loved the results, but a few days later, I was having a little trouble with my drain. So, I called him directly, and he met me at his office on a Saturday night to look at them and make sure everything was okay!

Dr. Ip sets himself apart with his follow up after the surgeries. Initially, you go in and see him every week, then every 2 weeks, then once a month, then again in 6 months to make sure that everything is healing correctly. He established a warm, personalized relationship with me before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Ip has a strong responsibility towards the well-being of his patients, in addition to his surgical abilities, and works closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. He makes himself available to his patients, and welcomes your questions with honesty and compassion.

If you looking for a Surgeon who is caring, considerate, and very knowledgeable, then I would strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Ip. His numerous accreditations speak for themselves, but his relationships with his patients are what make him an excellent Doctor.

Debbee May

First of all I have been a producer for Playboy for 18 years. I have seen thousands of breast augmentations. Unfortunately, most breast augmentations are not picture perfect. In fact some quite disastrous!

In today’s world there are too many plastic surgeons to choose from. Fortunately because of my position as a Playboy producer I have met so many. I could do a very upfront and honest talk show on plastic surgery. “The Great, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”.

First of all you need a surgeon who loves what he does and second of all that he was given the artistic mind and hands to accomplish an amazing result. I really believe that is born within you and cannot be taught. Dr Ip was given this artistic gift and has such passion for what he does.

So when it came to my own breast augmentation of course I would choose only the best. The best being Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip. I originally went to him for a consult for implants but when he saw how much breast tissue I had he suggested a breast lift instead. But he wanted me to take time and think about it. My gut feeling was to go with what he suggested. Now with the surgery behind me, I can not express how happy I am. They fit my body so perfectly and yes they are picture perfect. Anyone who wants perfection should just take a look at his book. I was treated so kindly and with so much genuine care by Dr. Ip and Melissa. What more can I say “Dr. Ip is a true artist” and a very special person.

My confidence level as a person, actress and dancer has soared up to a “10”. There would be no one I could recommend higher. And if you are real lucky you might even get to meet Sammy. Who is an amazing special dog that Dr Ip and Melissa rescued !!!!!!

Remember I’ve seen it all !!!

Debbee May


I was going to wait several months before making an ‘educated’ review but can’t resist. I am so glad that Newport Beach is like my second home. I happen to visit friends there often, and the selection of doctors where I live is average (average surgery = no WAY). So, I yelped in the Newport Beach area and found the best ratings, by far, were for Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip. It wasn’t until after my treatment that I read Dr. Ip’s bio, and hands down, I had to write a review. For starters, I had a BA, and here are the things that awed me the most:

1. Dr. Ip has great bedside manner, but that is an understatement. He (and his fiancé Melissa — I think that is her name) are quirky, funny, and positive! Actually, Melissa was the first person I met in the office and she immediately brightened up my day! She is the best and shared her experiences right away.

2. Dr. Ip made the whole pre-op consultation feel simple, educational but not overload, and best of all he made it feel super normal and comfortable, like I was grocery shopping. I liked that. 😀

3. Dr. Ip knew what was best for me, without me explaining much (I probably should have but don’t know why I didn’t). I googled just about everything to death to decide what I wanted and why…you’d think I’d have talked to him for an hour about it but come to think of it, I told him maybe five short things out of the 20 things that I had on my “list” of wants. So, after treatment I started questioning what we chose because I had not explained everything, and a few days after surgery I drilled through that list in my mind…and what he chose and how he placed it fit 100% everything I wanted. Some of the ‘cons’ (according to google searches) of the implants I received (textured) were actually ‘pros’ to me, to boot. So he picked a great fit for my build and listened to the things I emphasized. He has great instinct and an aesthetic eye.

4. Knowledge of techniques (not that I am one to judge this sort of thing), but I’d say he knows his stuff, comparing what he did to what I’ve read other doctors talk about! Reading through other posts where surgeons say there is no such thing as “full unders” is odd, and I’m glad I didn’t bump into one of them because I had zero tissue to work with, and my implants were placed under the pectoral and abdomen-area fascia (to my understanding) like I needed. No partial unders for me, thanks.

5. Price. Great results and yet the price was about the same as quotes I’ve received from other competitive doctors.

Side note: Nothing to do with Dr. Ip’s skill. There is one thing I’d say could improve. Between Dr. Ip’s office, the lab office, and the surgery office, there was some miscommunication, which ended up A OK but right before going under the knife, I got a little squirrely. For example, I had my blood work done on Sunday. The lady tells me, “Results will be ready on Tuesday.” Me: “But my surgery is Monday!??” “Okay we will fax it” she says. Another example was the nurse in the surgery room. Before surgery, I asked Dr. Ip if I could have take home care instructions. He said sure, the nurse will give it to you. When I woke up, the nurse says “Oh Dr. Ip gave that to you.” Um….?? So my boyfriend went to Dr. Ip’s office, and apparently Dr. Ip was also confused, thinking the nurse should have given me the paper (at least this is what I think happened, retelling a story told to me by the bf). There were a few more things but whenever there was a discrepancy Dr. Ip and Melissa took my word immediately and it was no big deal.

So some coordination there would be good, simply because my nerves were on ultra-sensitivity just from nervousness about surgery and every wrong thing made me worry. But it was all good.

I will totally consider Dr. Ip in the future for any revisions or whatever. He’s awesome. Melissa was awesome. Seeing how many people refer their friends to Dr. Ip says a lot.

Johnny Ray

Very nice, smart and caring.

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